Entering the Contest

Professionals and organisations can both self-nominate themselves to Global Logistics Awards 2017. The applicants will have to submit their candidature in a document which is no longer than 5 pages and describes and covers the key criteria for being shortlisted in their respective category. A few things to consider while submitting your candidature.

  • All activities and achievements that are described as the data point for selection should have happened in the immediate preceding 12 months ie between April 2016 – March 2017. It is also important that the organisation and that particular function within the organisation should be in operation on the date of awards and not discontinued by the company.
  • The participating company can be Indian or international with a proven presence in India. International players will have to be active in India for at least a full year to be eligible.
  • The entry should not be more than 5 pages long including any case studies, supporting financial data, pictures, recommendations, endorsements, graphical representations etc
  • All applicants have to ensure that the facts that they present in the application are verifiable by the Jury in case its required and are supported by solid documentation.
  • Please draft your submissions in a format that it's easy for the jury to understand.

Submitting Your Entry

Before making your submission, please ensure the following:

  • The entry document should not exceed 5 A4 size pages
  • This should cover a brief case study in 500 words describing why you feel you are eligible for the award that you are staking your claim to. Support that with relevant facts, figures, pictures, references and data.
  • Ensure that all submissions are fact based and can be substantiated by documentary evidence should the Jury require you to.
  • Upload two high resolution pictures of your product, project, team, office which can be displayed along with the AV of your nomination.
  • Upload a high resolution PDF version of your company logo to be used with your nomination listings
  • Please submit the name that you would like to be engraved on the trophy should you be declared a winner
  • Submit the name and designation of the person who would receive the trophy from your side should you be declared a winner

Completing your entry – key steps

Please follow the following steps to submit your entry online:

Page 1: Applicant Details – Company or Individual
Please fill in the name of the organisation, contact person, contact detail, and a brief 75 word overview summary of your entry.

Page 2: Your Entry Document & Logo
Upload a scanned copy of your 5 page application document in a PDF format. Also upload a copy of the company logo in PDF format

Page 3: Photos for the AV Presentation
Upload 2 high res photos to be a part of your AV presentation at the function night.

Page 4: Trophy Form
Submit the name of the representative who will be receiving the trophy should you be declared a winner and the name that you would like to be engraved on the trophy.

Page 5: Your Entry Reference
Please list two customers and two vendors who can be contacted for a reference if the jury so desires to confirm your credentials

We will list all the nominees on the Awards social Media pages as your industry peers including customers, colleagues, vendors, partners can vote/endorse you by liking your entry.

Criteria of Selection & Shortlisting

  • Company background: Please provide a brief description of the organisation such as when it was established, number of employees and key skills within your team. Please also provide an indication of your turnover and staff size.
  • Key Projects & Initiatives: Please detail significant and specific activities that have contributed to business growth. This can include specific mergers, acquisitions, strategic alliances & expansion initiatives.
  • Operational Excellence: Please outline steps taken by the organisation to boost operational performance in this time, including any resulting tangible benefits to your customers. Please also highlight any Health & Safety initiatives introduced.
  • Innovation: Please highlight the innovations in business strategy, processes or market approach that helped you overcome operating challenges.
  • Execution & Challenges: Describe how the brief was fulfilled, including any challenges faced and how the team worked together to overcome them.
  • Outcomes & Results: Summarise the outcomes of these efforts and outline the organisation's future goals.
  • Additional Facts: Include any other facts or statements that you feel are relevant to support this particular entry including details of any other awards, certifications, customer and vendor endorsements, personal excellence stories etc.

Judges & Judging Process

A distinguished panel of Judges drawn from the industry will review and judge the entries for the awards. The jury panel can be viewed on (insert link to page)


  • After the closure of the date of submissions all entries will be examined and shortlisted using pre-set criteria by a team of subject experts.
  • The highest scoring submissions will be selected to go forward to the shortlist for each category.
  • You will receive an email from the awards team letting you know if your entry was successful or not.
  • The shortlist of finalists will be published on the event website and newsletter


  • Judges are divided into panels, based on their expertise, to ensure any possible conflict is avoided
  • Al judges score finalists based on the relevant category criteria
  • Scores are then collected by the awards tem and collated
  • Scores are sent to the judging coordinator who checks and verifies all scores
  • The highest scoring entrant is declared the winner of that category

The final winners announced at the Awards function on 18 April, 2017