Global Logistics Show 2018

17-19 January 2019

Hitex Exhibition Centre, Hyderabad

Food & FMCG Supply Chain Summit 2019

Food & FMCG Supply Chain Summit 2019

Hitex Exhibition Centre, Hyderabad

17-18 January, 2019: Hitex Exhibition Centre, Hyderabad

  • Thursday17/January/2019
  • Friday18/January/2019

Registration & Coffee


Welcome Remarks by Conference Convenor

0930 – 1000

Supply Chains: Opportunities & Challenges for Indian Industry

1000 – 1030

Maximise Efficiency, Minimise Costs! Driving Value & Productivity & Buffering Against Future Challenges With Cost-Effective Strategies For End-To-End FMCG, Food & Drink Supply Chains

  • Rising to the challenge of boosting cost efficiency with smart, innovative approaches for driving costs down to benefit the overall end-to-end supply chain
  • Unlocking new opportunities to do things differently: how can we optimise systems, implement agile, lean processes and harness cost-effective technologies to maximise supply chain value?
  • What does good practice look like? From vehicles to manufacturing to collaboration, identifying where we can innovate to reduce costs and drive efficiency
  • Developing efficient, sustainable transport and logistics strategies to ensure availability and service whilst reducing expenses

Shekher Tiwari, Managing Director, Accenture Services Private Limited

1030 – 1100

Smart Strategies For Leveraging Forecasting Analytics, New Technologies & Big Data To Ensure Accurate Forecasting In Demand-Driven Food & Drink Supply Chains

  • How can we predict the future? Top tips for taking advantage of big data and forecasting analytics to better predict retailer and consumer demands and key trends and opportunities
  • Identifying and measuring the most important KPIs to demonstrate forecasting results and prove its importance
  • Exploring the latest tools and technologies which can help to drive forecasting accuracy and boost business performance
  • What is the perfect roadmap to optimise S&OP strategies?
1100 – 1130

Refreshment & Networking Break

1130 - 1215

Best-Practice in Inventory Planning To Reduce Stockholding & Availability Issues To Ensure You Meet Consumer Demands

  • Insights into maintaining the right availability for the customer, without simply throwing stock at the problem
  • What new tools are available which can help to improve inventory planning and reduce stock availability issues in today’s demand-driven supply chain?
  • Suppliers can control stock availability up to a point – but how can we ensure on-shelf availability once it’s in the retailers’ hands?
  • Practical advice for driving efficient replenishment operations to maximise stock availability and optimise customer service whilst reducing waste and costs

Makrem Kadachi, General Manager, Ehrhardt+ Partner Solutions

1215 – 1245

How to Implement Fresh Produce Traceability and Reduce Operating Costs

Today, over 55% of all fresh produce cases are labelled with barcoded case labels that adhere to the standards outlined in the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI). In this session, you will learn how retailers have leveraged the Produce Traceability Initiative into distribution center and store labour reduction, supply chain transparency and sales increases for their companies. You will also learn how your company can implement traceability of fresh produce in order to achieve the maximum results with the least cost.

Saikat Sarkar, Chief Operating Officer - Food, Agribusiness, FMCG, Strategic Essar

1245 - 1315

Transportation Spend Optimization – A logistics user perspective

Transportation and shipping costs represent one of the largest spend categories for companies. Sourcing and managing this category is very complex for many reasons, including effectively managing various modes of transportation, inbound Consignments from suppliers, outbound to customers, ongoing volatility in fuel costs and a dynamic supplier base, to name a few.

Nektarios Triantafyllidis, Regional Director Logistics, PTV MENA Region DMCC

1315 – 1415

Networking & Lunch Break

1415 – 1445

Designing Your Supply Chain Around the Digital Consumer

Mrs. Ali has gone digital, and she expects her grocer to deliver exciting and frictionless experiences that match her other shopping engagements, regardless of the pressure this puts on your existing infrastructure and processes. However, actively engaging with your digital shoppers can deliver insights into what they want before they arrive at your store (or you arrive at their door). These insights will have far reaching effects on your entire supply chain, from your supplier to your shopper's pantry. The digitally connected supply chain understands inventory needs at every step of the process and thus can reduce inventory and costs at every level. This session will highlight specific areas where the digital supply chain will improve efficiencies and will expose steps that need to be taken to become a true digitally enabled supply chain.

Ankush Sharma, Co-Founder and Director, Sattviko

1445 – 1545

New & Emerging Logistics business models, Driven by IOT sensors & Computing platforms

Mohit Mehrotra, Managing Director, India & South Asia, Omnicomm

1545 – 1615

"Fresher than the FRESH" How this is revolutionizing the food industry through Cold Chain & what it takes to ensure the same across multiple nodes of Value Chain

Vishal Kumar Gosike, Head - Supply Chain, Innovative Foods Limited (Sumeru)

1615 – 1630

Networking Break

1630 - 1700

Transparency, control and synchronisation across all manufacturing and supply chain operations, including production, procurement and material flows.

Raja Rao K, Manager - Supply Chain Management, Gandour India Food Processing Pvt Ltd

1700 - 1730

Boosting Supply Chain Performance by building truly Effective, Collaborative Retailer-Supplier Relationships In The Ever-Changing Food Retail Landscape

  • From forecasting to availability to transport logistics, how can retailers and manufacturers better collaborate to improve efficiency and drive mutual success and profitability?
  • Insights into future-proofing retailer-supplier relationships to collaborate effectively and adapt as online, discounters and new routes to market continue to develop
  • How are discounters and new entrants to the food and drink retail market affecting historic supplier relationships?
  • Better understand the key drivers behind demand spikes to drive proactive, collaborative ordering
1730 - 1800

PRODUCT LOSS: When problems in Product Transportation and Storage occurs. What are the Best practices to handle product loss


Closing remarks and end of day 1


Registration & Coffee


Welcome Remarks by Conference Convenor

0930 – 1045

Supply Chain 4.0 : How Big Data Can Be Pooled For Robust Supply Chains

  • Product Master Data: Accurate and aligned PMD as a fundamental enabler of an efficient and safe supply chain.
  • Customer Data : Sales data is not yet being used to its full potential to drive business decisions.
  • Empowered Customer: Improved supply chain transparency, trust, customisation and agility enables organisations to deliver on customers’ value levers.
  • Government Regulation and Social Responsibilities: Data is a key enabler to deliver on government policy objectives and conversely, government policy often requires new forms of supply chain data.
  • Data Security: 80 percent of Indian CEOs rate cyber security as a top investment priority.
  • Supply Chain in a Digital World: Technology investments are driving the supply chain evolution from linear responsive flows to interconnected predictive smart networks, where customers are the core focus.
  • Customer Expectations, Inventory, and Big Data: Leveraging Advanced Analytics for Supply Chain Success
  • Harnessing The Power Of Predictive Analytics For Real Time Supply Chain Intelligence
1045 - 1110

Disruptive Forces Shaping the Future of Supply Chain & Logistics

Rajesh Kumar M, Head of Global Presales – Ramco Logistics Practice

1110 - 1135

Fleet Telematics for Logistics Efficiency

Suresh Babu, Business Development Manager - WebNMS IOT

1135 – 1200

Refreshment & Networking Break

1200 – 1300

How To Prepare Yourself For A Customer Centric E-Commerce Supply Chain

  • Effectively Approaching The Convergence Of Off-Line And On-Line Retail
  • Online FMCG Retail Meeting: Customer Expectations With A Speedy On-Line Delivery And Fulfilment Program
  • Returns Management - Converting A Challenge To An Opportunity To Deliver Your Customer An Exceptional Experience
  • Scaling Your Supply Chain – How To Maintain An Exceptional Brand Experience When Balancing The Demands Of High-Growth Ecommerce Fulfilment
1300 - 1430

Networking & Lunch Break

1430 – 1500

The Blockchain Masterclass

  • Building And Developing An Intelligent IoT Ecosystem Based On Blockchain
  • The Role Of Global Data Standards In Blockchain Interoperability
  • Restoring Trust To International Trade Using Blockchain Technology Combined With The Latest Anti-Counterfeit Technologies

Ashish Bansal, Head - Procurement, Colgate Pamolive

1500 – 1600

How is Augmented Reality Transforming the Supply Chain into a Nimble Tool for Global Distribution

1600 – 1630

Taking the Right Approach to Aligning Procurement and Supply Chain Systems Leveraging Technology

1630 – 1645

Refreshment break

1645 - 1800

Demand & Network Planning

  • Adapt your network design for the future of fulfilment
  • Demand Planning During Peak Season
  • Network Redesign – Integrate stores effectively into your distribution network through a complete inventory strategy

Closing remarks, end of conference and commencement of Food & FMCG Excellence Awards