Global Logistics Show 2018

17-19 January 2019

Hitex, Hyderabad

Vamsi Maddipatla

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Vamsi Maddipatla

Managing Director, OSR Infra

Vamsi Maddipatla, a visionary and a serial entrepreneur, Vamsi has been a pioneer in setting up many successful ventures. He brings with him more than 17 years of experience in agri-infra, operations,technology and bio-pharma sectors. He is the Founder and ex-CEO at Laxai Pharma Ltd in the US. He later co-founded Laxai Avanti Life Sciences in 2007, today one of the leading innovative biotech companies in India, providing cutting edge Biotech solutions to large players across the globe, for which he heads as the CEO. With the same intent and a strong will to make a difference he has set up OSR Infra to battle food grain storage and handling across India. Over the years, under Vamsi’s guidance and strong mentorship, OSR Infra has steadily grown into a trendsetter in providing integrated services across the agri-infra &commodity management, grain handling and post-harvest management solutions.

He has a strong Agri-business background which comes from the family that has built and run agri-warehouses for over a decade. This very experience and industry expertise has propelled him to set up OSR Infra Private limited. OSR Infra is focused on creating modern agri-infrastructure for the storage and preservation of food grains in India. It has been steadily growing the footprint.He also spearheads Clinovo which is a resourcing solutions organization in the San Francisco bay area. A unique blend of operational and financial experience coupled with strong and expansive network of key influencers, industry experts and financial partners, makes Vamsi an apt leader, mentor to the companies he has co-founded over the years such as OSR Infra, Clinovo, Laxai etc. His forte lies in setting up operations in niche areas from scratch and building the enterprise ground-up.  His in-depth understanding of challenges and opportunities within the sectors led him to explore avenues in bothagri-business as well as the pharmaceutical sectors.Every year around 50,000 crores are lost due to improper storage of food grain. OSR Infra is working to address this dire need for proper food grain management, it does so by working on integrated post-harvest management strategies and solutions so as to provide safe and reliable storage facilities and support farmers by prevention of distress sale immediately after harvest by providing the facility of financing.
Vamsi’s instinctive ability to facilitate collaboration amongst the right audience and convert strategic concepts into actionable plans; is what has made him a successful entrepreneur for all his ventures.

Prior to setting up OSR Infra, Vamsi has worked with many well-known organizations such as Pfizer, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson and Deloitte. Vamsi is a post graduate in computer science from Farleigh Dickinson University.