Global Logistics Show 2018

17-19 January 2019

Hitex, Hyderabad

Vamsi Maddipatla

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Vineet J. Mehra

Managing Director, Go With DOT

Mr. Vineet J. Mehra has about two decades of experience in sectors spanning from investment banking to trading of steel, metals and minerals, shipping, mining and alternative energy solutions. A serial entrepreneur, he has led various organizations in the past and has been responsible for multi-billion dollar projects.

He was Executive Director for Stemcor India, and was instrumental in setting up and commissioning the BRPL’s pellet plant. A firm believer in pro-environment business solutions, he launched a Global start-up, DOT in 2015, focused on reducing carbon footprints across the world, through its innovative solution framework which focuses on a PPP model: delivering People, Packages and Promises (this is a promise to do better for the environment). DOT is a pioneer in Electric Mobility and Green Delivery solutions for businesses. Furthermore, he is involved with high-growth potential start-ups through investment and mentoring.

He empowers talent from all walks of life to progress through employment opportunities, and strongly believes in creating a business environment which thrives on collaborative efforts. His green-startup ‘DOT’ addresses the increasing demands of business solutions which are not detrimental to the environment and its conditions, rather environment friendly, and are well aligned with initiatives such as 'Skill India' and 'Make In India'.

This can be seen in the company vision statement which articulates the desire to be “the leading green mobility solutions provider” and stated promise of “reducing carbon footprints across the globe” through its innovative solutions framework. Vineet’s global businesses focus on offering sustainable and long-term employment to capable and reliable visionaries who are keen on becoming a part of a rapidly changing business environment that will emphasize on sustainability as a key driver of innovation.